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19 September 2021 Sunday. 10:16:46 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
U destroy urself by your heinous habit.What is this shit, man? To wank so much is outside of the powers of common people) You seem to get ready for setting up a record for masturbation, there’s no other explanation for your tenacity. Ofc, this is not my business what men do in their free time, but u astonished me. I am astonished by the thing that u’re a grown-ass man but you have that kind of habit. It would be a shame of me not to recommend u to cover ur web camera, when u do such stuff. BTC 1KqNYZeeQq3hx77QWhGjKXGx9GxBqoYSzp 1098 usd,I give u thirty-six hours to meet my demands. When my demands are fulfilled, I will destroy the compromising data on you. In case you decide to ignore me, in seventy-two h I’m going to send your clip to the contacts from your mail I saved. You must be more attentive, or you shouldn't be surprised by a viewer who has got access to your device. You will fail to reach me, after sending the text I will delete the present address for personal reasons.
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