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23 December 2021 Thursday. 01:42:25 UTC
blackmail scam
Mr.Peter Smith
I'm sorry, but in my nerves I erased the whole conversation. but I only have this address left. He called me on Viber and told me I could make money after buying bitcoin. after a few days he happily tells me that I have won but I have to pay BGN 200 all this for 7-8 weeks. I trust him in the hope that after receiving this money I will pay my loan. the last amount he told me I would get was $ 2,927.98. I have a photo in which he assures me that I will receive the money after paying a fee of 100 dollars. and will be sent by paypal, the truth is that I buy but do not receive any money. my contact phone number is +359 885236489. this is the address where I buy without receiving.
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