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17 May 2021 Monday. 08:10:15 UTC
Bestcrypto Miners
An account manager at Tesla named Roseline Smith approached me and convinced me to invest my BTC in a platform called The BTC mining guru called Alex was in touch with me and said I can make good money with them. The first account manager said I can start with $300 Alex convinced me to deposit more money in order to have better options. The following days I saw the amount on my account was increasing. I asked for a withdraw but he said it was linked to the fact of making payment, that was the fee they would have needed in order to trigger the system to release the money, so I had to keep depositing on the account, which I sadly did once again. The next day I saw on my account it was 27K but in order to withdraw that amount, I have to pay another withdrawal fee(8K). At that point I decided to stop, then they tried to convince me to make more and more payments. Since that, I didn’t make new payments to them but I’m still in touch with the account manager and the guru as well.
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