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13 August 2021 Friday. 14:02:48 UTC
Turbo Million, Ryan Serhant
I visited Turbomillion`s website I tried to deposit money but since I didn’t have an account I couldn`t do it, so Ashley Brits gave me a call and helped me to make an account. The minimum fee to open an account is 250€, she said they`ll give me a bonus so I should deposit only 247€, so I did. Then Noah White contacted me said in order to be my personal financial adviser I have to have 1000€ on my account, because I didn’t have any experience, I deposited the remaining 750€ money. My account started to grow and he said in order to make more money I should deposit more, so I did 2000€ with his help through AnyDesk. Then he said if I put 3000€ I can get insurance, so I did. Days later my account was growing so he let me withdraw 500€. Then Noah suddenly disappeared and I didn’t hear from him, I even wrote to support as well. Ryan Serhat connected me said he`s the Head of the Trading department, said from now on he`s going to help me. I trusted him since on the internet I couldn`t find anything bad about him. He said to invests in BTC since its price is low, I asked him if we can invest from my account since I have a good profit. He said it`s a part of portfolio it other people, so he pushed me to take a loan of 10000€and until I don`t receive it he can land me the money, so I did like this way. He altogether took 15500€ from my bank account. When I asked him for a withdraw, he said he has to travel to the US. He called me from his personal number and said he really wants to help me and I shouldn`t inform the company about our conversations. He said if I put my golds in a certain account, he`s using I can grow much more money. Then I sold my gold and opened an account where he took 22680€. Then Turbomillion contacted me and said they closed my account, Ryan said he`ll contact the company by himself. He said that the money was in clearance and his accounting could not transfer the money to my account. He is still in touch with me on the same phone number.
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