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29 April 2020 Wednesday. 15:46:17 UTC
Grata Harper [email protected]
Czech Republic
I am not going to neglect your unacceptable attitude. My eyes are already locked on you. STOP sitting in your house all the time and screwing around, your play time stops now, fuckface. If you think ignore the email and proceed on with your life, you are undoubtedly fucking wrong, friend. I 'm submitting the video recordings immediately on 4 porno webs ites. I am certain people would certainly take pleasure in your videos. You have made me angry, and this was an measures I had to choose. If you don't send the money (yes, price has shot up now!) to the underneath bitcoin address, I will e-mail your video footage to your friends, family, every single fucking human being you identify. BTC Address: 1Kw**11-a5Ftlageo2SleWEpyiTygO.MeEw1g05 Copy & paste it and remove " from it Amount: 0.4 BTC Tick tick. Precious time is TICKING. With every passing moment, you are a tiny tad closer to embrassement and also shame for life long. I anticipate you will make unquestionably the best verdict and transfer me my settlement. If not you may begin getting yourself ready to endure from the concequences. YOU HAVE 15 HOURS AND 24 MINUTES P.S: If you tell others about this e-mail... If you post it online... If you fail to send out the settlement (for just about any fucking reason) I will certainly Not accept it!
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