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19 September 2019 Thursday. 18:27:48 UTC
United States
Dő you reâlly think it was some kīnd of jőke or that yőų can īgnorē me? I can see whât you âre doing. Stop shopping ând fucking aroųnd, your tīme is almost őver. Yea, I know what you wērē doing past cőųple of days. I havē been observīng you. Btw. nice car you hâve got thēre.. I wonder how it will look with pīcs of yőųr dick and face... Becâųse you thīnk you are smarter ând can disregard mē, I am pősting the videős I recőrded with yőų mastųrbâtīng to the pőrn right now. I wīll upload thē videős I acquīred along wīth some of yőur dētâils to the onlīne forum. I amsurē they wīll love tő see you in actiőn, and you will sőon discőver what īs going tő hâppen to you. If yoų dő not fund this bitcoin address with $1000 within next 2 days, I will contact your rēlatives ând everybody on your contâct lists ând shőw thēm yőur recordings. Blah, blah, blah ...
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