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28 November 2021 Sunday. 05:52:27 UTC
blackmail scam
You can direct to any authorities, they will fail to save you from shame, thereby u satisfy my demands, or your image will be ruined. You're the only one to decide, but I'm certain that my proposal is more than humane with reference to u. 1140 USD, BTC 1L4WTzFAcn26AKwdb2ufihUV6TTGXc99CJ, these are my requisitions, and I provide u with 50 hours to address them, when the text is viewed. Or I'll send blackmail material on you to your contact list from your email, and I still have not decided what else I can do. I am certain that u deserve a medal for your outstanding achievements in onanism!) I am certain that ur relatives would criticize ur hobby, as soon as they hear about it. Where did a grownup get such dirty hobbies? Your hobby is similar to the dependence of drug users, and this should be treated. There are many videos on the web that can demonstrate how it is easy to access to the camera of a vulnerable device. You're a witting human from the 21st century and u need to pay attention to ur security. U, at a minimum, know how to jerk.) I have always wondered how reckless humans may be, they never think of anything until they come across a real problem. What do you reckon, will the religion praise u for ur hobbies? Actually, I have many doubts about it. I'll have no access to the present email, therefore my demands are undisputed. Even I care about my safety!
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