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17 August 2021 Tuesday. 22:33:16 UTC
Jamison Guerrero
United States
Hi <name>. You destroy urself by your odious hobby. What the fuck is this, man? To wank so much is not within the powers of average guys) U seem to get ready for setting up a record for masturbation, there is no other excuse of ur tenacity. Ofc, this is none of my business what men practice in their spare time, but u have surprised me. It’d be rude of me not to advise you to cover ur camera, when you practice that kind of stuff. The fact that amazes me is that you are a grown man but u have such habit. I’ll get straight to the point. In case you decide to neglect me, within seventy two hours I am gonna send ur vid to the contacts from ur electronic-mail I have copied. I think it's fair 1480 $, Bitcoin 1L5HBqiRC45XZ4Zr1dzdm8UPQTkJ6y1RrK. I give you 36 h to address my requirements. When my claims are addressed, I will eliminate the dirty laundry on you. U will not be able to get in touch with me, after emailing the notice I am gonna delete the present address for personal reasons. You must be more careful, otherwise it should be no surprise if there’s a viewer who has got access to your device.
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