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17 May 2020 Sunday. 08:37:24 UTC
blackmail scam
I want to make you a 1 time, non negotiable offer. Purchase USD 2000 in bitcoin and send it to the down below address: 1*L6W9FDGdhyBzsf39J1bseJCBG2ur843Px [CASE sensitive so copy & paste it, and remove * from it] (If you don't understand how, look online how to acquire bitcoin. Do not waste my valuable time) If you send this 'donation' (let us call it that?). After that, I will go away and never ever contact you again. I will delete everything I've got concerning you. You may proceed living your normal day to day life with zero concern. You have 24 hours to do so. Your time will start as quickly you read through this email. I have an one of a kind code that will alert me as soon as you read this e mail so do not attempt to play smart. Address may appear as "1*L6W9FDGdhyBzsf39J1bseJCBG2ur843Px".
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