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13 October 2020 Tuesday. 15:33:37 UTC
Fadex Company
It began with a man messaging me on Instagram by the name of David Smith. He then proceeded to ask if I knew about bitcoin mining and trading with bitcoin. He told me that if invested $300 with his company people that work for his company ( traders/Miners) would be able to turn that $300 into $6300 in 24 hours, and sadly I believed him. So he sent me a Whatsapp number which I included within the other form and connected me to a trader/ miner named Dave. Overall he seemed like an ethical person saying that he’ll do his best as a miner/trader to make sure I have good profits from my deposit. But then he began to ask me to invest more money because apparently he created even larger profits with my investment, which led to my second payment of $500 which supposedly said was for withdrawal fees. Then after came the third payment which was account options. due to the amount of money I had at the time I chose the cheapest investment which was the gold account. So after my payment he said that now the trading is processing, which had me confused because I thought the trading had already began with my initial $300 deposit. But being blinded with the profits I still followed through which then led to me finally realizing I got scammed. He and his company mentioned that I had to pay another fee of $2500 for a verification fee, processing fee, and account and maintenance fee. Which all together made no sense because to be verified through a broker all you’d need is ID, and the processing fee just made no sense they mentioned the purpose of the processing fee was to send my supposed profit from the company to my personal wallet or bank account. They constantly kept pushing me to pay the fee to get my profit as soon as I could and even suggested to ask my friends for the money and repay them back when I get my profit.
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