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17 February 2021 Wednesday. 15:42:40 UTC
Clifford Kelly [email protected]
United States
In ninety six h I will damage ur reputation, read thru this msg up to the end! It isn’t for me to dispraise ur weakness to wank off, although any faith condemns this. I am not going to bore u with philosophical questions what is good and what is bad and I will cut right to the point. I have filmed a vid where u get urself off utilizing ur device webcam as well as I have accessed to your social networking sites and downloaded all contact details from your mail. Now I’ve got juicy details with your secret devotion, and I provide you with forty eight h (from the moment of opening this message, I receive a notification) to make payment to me. In fulfilling my demands I will sweep off ur mind blowing tape and I'll disappear forever. Conversely, if u ignore my requirement, in ninety six h I’ll send your vid to ur family and comrades, and I also will post it on the web. For u to know how this occurred, I have infected ur device with my badware, that has the feature to give total access and distant control over all functions of ur device. You’d better not browse questionable websites, that’s how u will be able forestall problems, or just quit wanks. Your prestige in the eyes of ur closest people is likely change for a lifetime after watching ur video tape. Pleas not to distribute ur sex tape are not to be heeded, because the mail was hacked and soon there will be no access to it.
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