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17 November 2020 Tuesday. 11:34:38 UTC
I found,I filled my details and Venner Eva called the same day,she was a financial analyst and senior account manager.When there was another call,I was ready to step into investing in Traiderschain.I transferred an amount of 4000€.I was assigned to a financial advisor,Michaels David.He sent me an email with a link to remote support software Anydesk.the moment I started investing money,I was contacted by phone and email on a regular basis,Among by others,Eva Venner,David Michaels,George.David helped me through Anydesk to create and configure my Traderschain profile.He further helped me to register on the crypto-trading platform Bittrex where my money would end up.With an additional investment I would be considered as a VIP and I would end up with a greater leverage effect.I decided to invest 12000€.David help me to purchase Bitcoins through my profile.The Bitcoins were then transferred from my profile to another address to make them visible on Traderschain.After investing more money,I saw my profits increasing.Suddenly my margin levels had dropped sharply.Not to ruin my account unsolicited deposits have been granted by raderschain.To eliminate this,2500€ had to be deposited immediately.This amount was deposited.The profits were very good,at one point I had a virtual profit of about $90000.I contacted David and announced that I wanted to withdraw profits.David told me should wait until I had $200000 profit.This would follow fairly quickly and I would then be paid USD15000 a month.This seemed to be good deal,my investment was doing well,but I announced I wanted to withdraw the full day,$60000 to $70000 of my profits suddenly turned out to have evaporated.I would be given another deposit.I had to pay an additional 25000€ for this.I told David I didn’t have this money.After phone calls,this amount was reduced to 9000€.then realized that something was not right and did not pay this amount anymore.
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