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02 March 2021 Tuesday. 11:48:19 UTC
Bubblext, Abinance, Reverse Trails
In August I was looking for options to improve my monthly income. I saw a lot of articles regarding Trading and Bitcoins, after that, I received a call from a company called Bubblext. They said I could make good money with them so I thought I will give it a try. From August till October everything seemed good and my profit was over £36000. In October in on night my profit went down to minus £7000 and got no call from the company so, therefore, I immediately knew it’s a scam. However in the meantime I received a call from Abinance, they seemed much more professional, so I thought ill try with them, It was in September. Not a long time later I got scammed by these two companies I was looking for help, and I found Reverse Trails. They kept promising that they already recovered my money but at this point, I am sure they`re scammers.
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