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11 October 2021 Monday. 13:17:36 UTC
I saw a video on YouTube ( about trading, I clicked on the link and registered. Then I got a call from Apollofinances and they explained to me how things are working and if I deposit $250, I can have an account manager, I agreed. Then Evee Strauss called me and helped me to create my account and pay the fee and showed me how everything works. For trading, she helped me to install MGX Trading MT4 and AnyDesk so she connected to my pc at least twice a week. The trading went fine so she suggested increasing my deposit to $10000.00, she even helped me to find a loan. When we reached a deposit of 6059$, she suggested to me to apply to a new program called Investment Portfolio Q2.2. So, I added 8570$ to make 14629$. She told me then she has to leave the company but since she likes to work with me, I should close my account, withdraw money, keep half that I will re-invest back, and use half, I accepted. Then I signed an account closing agreement with the company and asked for a withdraw. Then they told me I have to pay 5% of the total amount of the closing account, which I did. Then they asked for liquidation of the account of 6700€, but I told them I don`t have that money. Then Mrs. De La Torre called me from the finance department and we agreed that I only pay the half amount, which I did. Since that, I didn`t receive back my money to my Binance account.
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