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18 August 2021 Wednesday. 20:37:19 UTC
blackmail scam
"Best deal 1380 USD, BTC 1M1pqXqHskP8HLvaGzge5Ey6nXiYzLG3gm"
United States
"Hello [name]. You destroy urself by ur heinous habit. What kind of shit is that, dude? To fuck off so much is beyond the powers of regular humans) It seems to me that you get ready for setting a record for onanism, there’s no other excuse of ur motivation. Obviously, this is not my point what men practice in their own time, but you astonished me. It’d be a shame of me not to give you a piece of advice to cover ur web camera, when you do such things. The thing that amazes me is that you’re a grown man but you have such kind of habit. I’m gonna get straight to the chase. If you decide to neglect me, in seventy-two hours I’ll share ur clip with the contacts from ur electronic-mail I cloned. I give you thirty six hours to meet my requirements. When my claims are fulfilled, I will sweep off the compromising information on u. U will fail to get to me, after sending this message I’m gonna delete this address on personal considerations. U got to be more attentive, or it should be no surprise if there’s a viewer who has got access to ur device."
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