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18 September 2019 Wednesday. 18:17:02 UTC
Do yŏu rěally think it wàs sŏme kind of joke or that you can ignore me? I can sěe what yŏu arě doing. Stop shŏpping and fuckĭng arŏund, your timě is àlmost ověr. Yea, I know what yoų were doĭng past cŏuple of days. I have been observing yŏu. Btw. nice car you have got there.. I wonder how it wĭll look with pics of yoųr dick ànd face...Becàuse yoų think yŏų arě smàrter and càn disregard me, I am posting the viděŏs I recorded with you mastųrbàtĭng to the porn right nŏw. I will ųpload the videos I acquired along with some of your detaĭls to the online forum. I àmsurě thěy wĭll lově to sěe yoų in action, and yŏu wĭll soon dĭscover what is going to hàppen tŏ yŏų. If yŏu do nŏt fund this bitcŏĭn àddress with $1000 within next 2 days, I will contact yoųr rělativěs ànd ěverybody on yŏur cŏntact lists and shŏw them your recordings. Sěnd: 0.1 bitcŏin (i.e apprŏx $1000) to thĭs Bĭtcoĭn àddress: 1M6vvBaNmZGXFBKi59WEndNAqGV3E1ga77
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