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05 December 2020 Saturday. 23:03:30 UTC
United States
I will be direct. You watch adult content often, and I caught you masturbating. We all do it from time to time. How I did this? Your router was vulnerable. I was able to inject some code into the firmware, and every device connected on the network, including phones, was compromised. Then I set every device available to record with the camera only when you watch adult content. I also got your contact lists, phone numbers, emails, social media contacts, and here is the deal. If you don`t pay me $870 USD worth in Bitcoin, I will send your masturbation video and search history to all your contacts. Bitcoin Address: 1ME18XBrWWKquCTaYjAeVpKB5zHqLPhAbH AMOUNT: 0.05 BTC (approximately) Copy the address perfectly, with no mistakes Quick Tip! You can buy Bit-Coin from Paxful. Use Google to find it. Also, search for what is No Fap and read about the benefits of no PMO. Watching dirty porn is a waste of time, energy, and minerals from the body. I hope you will think about this very seriously. In case you wonder why your anti-viruses were not triggered is because my code is not set to steal passwords, PIN codes, and other sensitive details. The only function is to record with the cameras(in silent mode) and grab the contacts. I know that you have that amount of money that is requested. So don`t worry about your passwords and bank accounts. However, for your mental peace, go ahead, change them. You have (5 Days) to send the payment. When coins are submitted, the video with you doing... you know what will be destroyed, and you will never hear from me. Next time you cover your cameras, somebody may watch it! Limit yourself to one time per month if you can`t go completely NoFap.
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