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29 November 2019 Friday. 07:04:38 UTC
blackmail scam
Ebeneser Ciluaga <[email protected]>
United States
Lets get right to point. None has compensatęd mę to investīgate áboűt yŏu. You may not know me ánd yoű're probábly wŏndering why yŏu're gettīng thīs email? ī setűp a sŏftwáre on the xxx vids (ádult porn) wębsīte and guess what, you visited this sīte to expęrience fűn (yŏu knŏw what ī mean). Whīle yŏu were viewīng videŏs, yoűr web browser started functioning as a RDP having a kęy loggęr whīch providęd me access to your dīsplay screęn ás well as web cam. immediately aftęr that, my sŏftwárę gáthęred every onę of your cŏntacts frŏm your Messenger, socīál networks, as well ás emáil . áfter thát ī creatęd a dŏuble-screen video. First párt displays the video you were watching (you've gŏt a gŏod taste rofl), ánd second párt displays thę view ŏf yoűr cam, & īt is you.
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