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24 August 2020 Monday. 20:57:38 UTC
My Micro Profits - [email protected] or [email protected]
As per their website I joined for free. I partook in the "investment" plan and deposited and initial $30.00 in BTC. I made a couple other deposits and started to roll over what they call profits into my investment which now totals $300.84 invested. The profits on my investment total $249.91. I have submitted 3 requests for withdrawals of my total profits of this $249.91 BTC. When I submit the request I get a screen pop up that a "manual review" is required and it can take from 1 hour to 24 hours to process withdrawals and if not approved funds will be deposited back to my account. My first withdrawal request was on July 31st, 2nd Request on August 3rd and the 3rd was today. My requests has gone unanswered and funds still haven't been returned to my account. I have sent several emails to both customer service and support and get no response. On their website they show a list of "latest payouts" but I doubt these people have received anything. The supposed CEO is a man called Al. There is no last name. This is clearly a ponzi scheme, they will get your money and run. I have not received any of my profits as they promise on their website. DO NOT invest on this platform.
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