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05 February 2019 Tuesday. 17:24:15 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
For a long time, I have been monitoring you including, socialmedia, your old AshleeMadson site profile, and gathering a list of contacts for everyone who knows you. Your old account at AshleeMadson was interesting and I am sure your family and friends will be happy to read its complete contents and activity. All the people you reached out to, all the MARRIED people. Every wink, mesage and activity. All the homes you tried to destroy on a website dedicated to destroying families.*Hello* .... You can delete all your accounts or change your codes, but it will not help a bit. I took copies of everything, including your email contacts. So, what happens next? You can decide. I created a bitcoin account just for you, no one else has this address. Immediately send 0.269 btc to this case senSitivE bitcoin address : 1NuL4qFCbFpKAwNYYPWqkpCKzDjWnopRYg
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