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22 January 2019 Tuesday. 18:28:37 UTC
blackmail scam
scammer/abuser []
First overlook this e-mail and do not act then I simply go on after Three days and send those videos of you viewing child porn to your all contacts, then i purchase drugs and firearms on your name and send details to authorities to allow them to arrest you and trust me they will destroy your relationship, career, social life etc. Last option is to give me $1000 and think it's as a donation and once I get the amount I will delete those videos and records which i've..and you may continue your normal life like this never happened You will make the transaction through Bitcoin (if you don't know this, search 'how to buy bitcoin in Google'). Btc address to send funds to: 1NuSg5Q2B55G5YfdQpAKpesjo9WKfKqQvg its case sensitive so copy paste it
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