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21 December 2018 Friday. 10:59:58 UTC
blackmail scam
Christi Weinstein
I recorded your webcam which shows your filthy sexual actions and video you played on the porno videos because that site was infected with my malware. In the video footage you happen to be appearing interesting. Your email and Facebook contacts were at that time sent to me by the malware. I will email your video to your friends unless you pay me 923 USD via Bit coin within the next 36 hours to the below address: Bit coin Address: 1NyYWCNAuE2tK2zfD8NBgJX1uvbLn8gqLR Copy and Paste the address because it is case sensitive. Once you have sent the money, I will delete your recording and every bit of details I have about you. If I do not receive the money, I will send your video to every contact of yours. Just imagine concerning the embarrassment you will get. and likewise if you happen to be in a loving relationship, precisely how it would affect? Want proof? Reply "Yes", & I will email your recording to nine of your email contactsright now.
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