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28 October 2020 Wednesday. 16:48:18 UTC
blackmail scam
Alison Ross <[email protected]>
PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO SOMEONE IN YOUR COMPANY WHO IS ALLOWED TO MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS! ========================================== We are the Voodoo Bear and we have chosen your company as target for our next DDoS attack. Please perform a google search for "Voodoo Bear" to have a look at some of our previous work. Your network will be subject to a DDoS attack starting at 2020 November 2nd (Monday). THIS IS NOT A JOKE, and to prove it right now we will start a small attack on --- redacted --- that will last for 30 minutes. It will not be heavy attack, at this moment. What does this mean? This means that your website and other connected services will be unavailable for everyone. Please also note that this will severely damage your reputation amongst your users / customers. How to stop this? We are willing to refrain from attacking your servers for a small fee. The current fee is $1200(USD) in bitcoins (BTC). The fee will increase by 1000 USD for each day after 2020 November 2nd that has passed without payment. Please send Bitcoin to the following Bitcoin address (cAsE-SeNsitIve): 1P2a6Fc6rQmKfQB6GEzHHtZyvQ4djcrWzo You can easily buy bitcoins via several websites or even offline from a Bitcoin-ATM. We suggest you or for buying bitcoins. Once you have paid we will automatically get informed that it was your payment. Please note that you have to make payment before the deadline (2020 November 2nd ) or the attack WILL start! What if you don't pay? If you decide not to pay, we will start the attack on the indicated date and uphold it until you do, there's no counter measure to this, you will only end up wasting more money trying to find a solution (Cloudflare, Sucuri, Imperva ...
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