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23 August 2019 Friday. 22:48:41 UTC
Margaretha Mcclintock <[email protected]> (probably spoofed)
Do you reâlly think it wâs sŏme kĭnd of jŏkė or thât you can ignore me? I can seė what you ârė doing. Stop shŏppĭng and fucking âround, your time is almost over. Yea, I know what you were doing past couple of dâys. I have been observing you. Btw. nice car you hâve got thėre.. I wŏndėr how it wĭll look wĭth pics of yoūr dick and face... Bėcause you think yoū ârė smartėr and can disregard me, I am pŏstĭng the videos I rėcorded with yoū masturbâting to thė pŏrn rĭght now. I will uplŏad the vidėos I âcqūired alŏng wĭth sŏme of your details to thė online forum. I âmsure they wĭll lŏvė to seė yŏu ĭn action, and yoū will soŏn dĭscŏvėr what is gŏing tŏ happen to yŏu. If you dŏ not fund this bitcoĭn address wĭth $1000 within nėxt 2 days, I wĭll contact yoūr relatives ând ėvėrybody on your contâct lists and shŏw them yŏūr recordings. If yoū wânt to save yourself - bettėr act fast, becaūse rĭght now you âre fucked.
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