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15 November 2020 Sunday. 23:04:02 UTC
scammer/abuser,,,, @ElizaSupport
United Kingdom
The scammer found one of my domain names on WOS IS and said they are brokers with a client interested in buying my domain for an insanely high price ($75,000). They then said their client requires a Certificate of Compliance before buying the domain, and that only a specific provider can supply those certificates (using the excuse that Japanese banks only accepts certificates from that provider). The provider asked $349 to issue the certificate, that can only be paid in ETH or BTC at the following addresses: * ETH address: 0xe60942e9bafc9bfc937f045bdd3049d5afeb96a8 * BTC address: 1P3HT6xCY3tZDZ6WL4oK5cH1Bq3nfTpSZk The scammer makes its first contact by email and then asks to continue the conversation on Telegram. Further information: * Telegram username of the scammer: @ElizaSupport * Telegram group with fake customer reviews: * Email address used by the scammer: [email protected] * Website of the provider of the Certificate of Compliance: * Customer support the Certificate of Compliance's provider: [email protected]
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