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20 April 2021 Tuesday. 23:58:23 UTC
Sextortion email
United States
Email received: I’m observing you via ur camera and I wonder how much you love masturbation. U have a very strange passion for this kind of avocation. I’ll send ur compromising information to the contacts from ur mail, but it is possible to escape this. I’m not gonna mention that your mania is a really bad practice, another thing is when others may contemplate the video where you participate. For all I know, not a cultus is in favor of that. Within twenty-four hours from the moment of reading the notification you transfer to me compensation for keeping ur reputation in the sight of your relatives. On addressing my claim, ur terrible blackmail material is going to be deleted and no one is gonna see ur jerking off. Conversely, within 48 hours I’ll distribute this clip among other men and publish it on the Internet. Appeal to the police department will not help you, I am a foreign citizen. After sending this text I’m gonna delete this electronic-mail to erase clues. Wanna know how did this happen? U’d better not access unverified sites, or your device can be infected and someone can get complete control over it.
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