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08 February 2021 Monday. 18:20:47 UTC
blackmail scam
This is your Ipv6 address 2f85: a84a: e3ad: 0f62: 24b9: 3f32: 46be: a2cf, Hello, I have unrestricted access to your device. I've been watching you for the last few months. Wondering how this is possible? Your system has been infected with malware from an erotic website that you have visited. Maybe you don't understand these things, so I'll try to explain it to you. With the Trojan horse virus, I gained full access to your PC and all other devices. It simply means that by simply turning on the camera and microphone, I will be able to watch you at any time without noticing anything. In addition, I also have access to your contact list and all correspondence. You may be wondering now: "I have an active antivirus on my computer, how it could have happened. How come I didn't get any notifications? "The answer is simple: my malware uses drivers that update signatures every four hours, so it's undetectable and your antivirus program has no idea. I have a video in which you chase the left part of it, while in the right half of the screen a clip is played, which you masturbate while watching. And would you like to know what I can do with it for you? With a single mouse click, I can send this video to all used social networks and to all your email contacts. I can also share access to all your email correspondence and to messengers whose services you use. If you want to prevent this, all you have to do is transfer the bitcoins worth CZK 25,000 to my bitcoin address (if you don't know how to do this, just open a browser and enter the term "Buy bitcoins" in the search engine). My bitcoin address (BTC wallet) is: (DELETE * FROM ADDRESS) 1PaD * 87FtSq7srebhJ4bAERPUpoXXLkuq8D t As soon as I receive the payment confirmation, I will immediately remove the video and it's done. You will never hear me again. You have 2 days (48 hours) to complete the transaction.
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