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26 September 2020 Saturday. 12:40:03 UTC
blackmail scam
South Africa
I would like to bring to your attention a company purporting to be UK registered and is scamming people through a fake investment website. Below is their website and i have attached the certificate of incorporation which is on their website: On the website they are taking bitcoin payments and promising investors that they would be paid our 15% returns after 24 hours among other several plans available. Below are the bitcoin wallets to which investors were made to send their funds to: 165nKSGDeTqJFECW4jxVLGnDyJsWNF8XD5 1Pv4UABVhJNBn6XuATmmA2yVM5qdrYVLYR 18zihMQhDojWEArx682AUaCwpJwcp5QNai Could you kindly intervene to have this company deregistered, their licence revoked and their bitcoin wallets blocked so that many people do not fall prey. Administrators on the whatsapp groups for this company have the following details: Jabulani +27633190857/+27633476879 Kato +27748210689
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