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14 February 2019 Thursday. 07:44:57 UTC
blackmail scam
Leesa Giarrusso
Hi I run a site in the darknet,I perform all kinds of services - basically it is demolition to bussiness and harm.In general,all but the murde\'r. This week she talked me and set me the task of splashing aci\'d in your face.Default order - quickly,hurts,for life. If I do not see money from you, then my man will fulfill the mission.If you give me money,besides to my inaction,I will give you the information that I have about the client. After finishing the order, I often spen\'d the performer,so I have a selection,to get $1500 from you for information about the customer and my inaction,or to receive $ 5000 from the customer,but with a big probability of spending the performer I'm getting transfer\'s in BtC,here's my QR-COD\'E (BTC addres`s) (This is case sensitive,you can use read this barcode 1b6dZG5feyiucCQLxzUuBtQNZZdjAjvc6 The amount I indicated above Two days to decide and pay and keep in mind that wall clock is ticking
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