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26 March 2021 Friday. 15:02:09 UTC
We saw BitcoinEra, it said it's easy to make good money and only requires €250. We got the application that said we have to choose from the proposed brokers, so we choose 4TFX, since we didn’t have experience, we didn’t know what to choose. After someone from 4TFX contacted us and asked to make the first deposit of 250€, after we were able to log in to the account which was already in someone`s name Sara Vanbrabant. The next day David Sanders contacted us said he`ll be our account manager and explained about BTC said 2% leverage, only 7% fees on profits and risk management so no more than 5% of the investment could be lost. Said we should deposit more since with 250 hard to trade, so we made a deposit of 19950€ but the Beneficiary bank refused it. Davis said to use Kraken so in November we made our first deposit of 39.000€ with Davi`s help through kraken since we didn’t have any experience. After he said we would need $250000 so we can have a golden account, so we transferred 271700€. After we wanted to withdraw but David said to let's wait. After that conversation, I couldn’t log in to my account, either reach him. A week later he called and said the website`s name has changed, but I really wanted on that point my money back. We agreed he`ll pay us every month 15000€ so he can continue trade but the account didn’t arrive. He said he cannot proceed until we don’t pay the taxes of 50000€, we said we won't pay as we`re Belgian citizens, we only have to pay taxes for the Belgian state. Then he snoozed. I tried to recover my money through Getchargeback but after I paid I realized it's just another scam company.
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