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08 November 2021 Monday. 15:29:06 UTC
InvestBoost, Investcore,
I filled and submitted a registration form on INVESTBOOST and I received a call from Abigail Thomson. I paid the registration fee of $250, she said I’ll be contacted by a financial consultant. Then Victoria Taylor called me and verified my payment. Then Amy Powel messaged me as my financial consultant and assisted me from MT4. She then told me I made some profits and I should invest more MYR 5000 then she asked me to raise the amount to MYR 20200, which I did. All the payments were through my LUNO account. Then she told me about an investment which can make good profits so I deposited MYR 30000. She insisted that I need to settle Yuen Insurance and Brokers Fees which were not mentioned nor being alerted as expenses required to be complied with, I didn`t agree to pay this fee. Then she told me that someone else is going to take over my case but I have to pay her fees, I agreed to it. Then Raymond Scott contacted me and said that he would work with me and finalize my payments. He told me I have to pay 10% of the tax to HM Revenue and Customs and the broker fee of 1% already deducted. He told me that my total profit is $46358.26 therefore I have to pay $4635.826 as a TAX fee and it can only be done through luno, which I did. Then he told me that I can withdraw now only if I pay 10% of the taxes that were settled by him to authorities, I paid that fee as well, but I still cannot withdraw my money.
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