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24 June 2021 Thursday. 06:12:28 UTC
bitcoin tumbler/anonymizer
United States
I wanted to try a small investment in bitcoin because I kept hearing positive comments from financial news reports. I was willing to lose a $500 investment. At this point my account from that investment is $134,700. However, they keep asking for more and more bitcoin to get access to my account. I initially reached out to a person on one of my social groups telling her of my desire to invest in bitcoin. She connected me to her: manager who quickly grew that $500 to $13,700. This Manager reinvested that money into a great deal, ....without my permission That grew to $134,700. I cannot access that money because they keep adding charges and fees (in the form of bitcoins deposits to my managers account and the website wallet listed above. I'm close to $30,000. And they still want more
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