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25 October 2021 Monday. 10:36:37 UTC
Aroxcapital, AllPrimePay
I saw an advertisement on the internet regarding investing in Amazon for only just £250. I registered and got a call from Adam Novak who called me from Aroxcapital and explained to me how everything works and I would have a good return. He told me to pay the initial money to open an account, which I did. After I registered and sent over various documents which they requested I got a call from Anthony Copper as my account manager. He promised me to trade on my behalf and I’ll have a good return but for that, I have to add more money, which I did. The next day he asked me to download AnyDesk, so he can log into my account and show how the system works. My account showed already £200 profits. He asked me again to add money which I did because he promised a good profit which happened. He showed me through Anydesk other platforms to use like Binance, ALLPAY, WISENEST. Then I deposited more money and Anthony stopped communicating with me, then I contacted to support that said he`s really busy and assigned me a new account manager George Bunin. Then I asked for a withdraw and Jhon called me and said in order to withdraw I have to pay Taxes of €16480 and he said it will be paid back with the funds. I told him, I don`t have that much money, so he said I can get a loan, which I refused. I then made a research about the company and I realized I have been scammed. I lost more than £25000 with this company.
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