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22 April 2021 Thursday. 15:39:00 UTC
Financial Resident, Recovery European
I got a call from Tommas Shultz on WhatsApp, from a trading company Financialresident. He said it would only cost $250, and I could start making money with them. I paid $250. After, no one signed up and I have applied for withdrawals on that platform's page. Marcus Müller called me on WhatsApp and explained $250 was the registration fee and I had to transfer more money. He handed me over to Daniel Zoss. I said I wanted to withdraw my deposit, but he was very interested in investing. I said I didn’t want to lose my money and I had to get my bet back. I didn’t say that I had any savings. He suggested me to take out a loan. I have taken out a NOK 300,000 mortgage at S`banken. The first attempt was to send money to a Wallet Karatka. The money was returned and I had to pay 4000, - NOK fee (400€). Zoss explained that he did so on purpose to return the amount. He wanted to log in to my computer via AnyDesk and TeamViewer, so he had access to my computer and placed the order, my profits seemed to go up and up. He called me every day and several times a day and I have sent from Santander Bank a large amount. There was a limit to how much he needed to trade and how much money I should invest. He said he needed 3 days to trade and then I would get all my money back and that was no problem. He said I had to take out a new loan at, a bank I didn’t know. He gave me to his colleague Ralph, who was to be the head of Hedge's fund. He was the one who persuaded me to apply for a new loan. Now he wanted to take over the account and said that I wanted to make big money, which I have never seen in my life, but I had to invest more money. It is approx. 26 000€. I didn’t agree, but just scared, this was the beginning of much bigger problems. This time I refused, so he threatened me in writing, that I put myself and him in danger. The trading period was between 03.03.2021 and 15.03.2021. I have put $48 623 in total with them on the Platform and the 400€ I have lost at Karatka.
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