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20 May 2021 Thursday. 10:31:56 UTC
I met Jiang Chen on the dating site, we started to chat on WhatsApp. She told me she`s living In Taiwan and she has a son. Her WhatsApp number +44 7419 474652 and +44 7419 524236, email was [email protected] told me she`s investing where her uncle`s working she said it`s a new cryptocurrency called AOC, and it`s going to be public soon. She asked me if I`m interested in, and that AOC's current share is USDT 2.00 each but now it's growing to USDT 150.00. She showed me how to buy USDT through the bank and transfer it into an AOC wallet. She showed me how to buy when it's rush sales on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She then showed me how to purchase the shares through the website it made me think it could be reals so I started to invest with the company and with her help I made my first purchase of AOC. I invested a total of $29638.79. With Jiang, we chatted every day and she helped me with investments, but suddenly her WhatsApp disappeared and she blocked me so I couldn’t call her anymore. I then sent an email to the website but no response from them neither. This is when I was very sure that this AOC cryptocurrency is all a scam.
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