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04 November 2021 Thursday. 14:20:22 UTC
Digit Capital Fund
I received a cold call from a person named Berdi Schlemann He said he was from a trading company called Digital Capital Fund. I invested 1000 euro from me plus 500 euro from them as a bonus and I was to start making money with them. I agreed on this on the date 1/02/2021 So the next day he called me and explained that the 1000 euro was only a start and I would need to transfer more money. I agreed to 9060.99 euro and he gave me a bonus of 7000 euro to match my money and we started trading. He would log into my computer via Any desk so he had access to my computer and phone. Thes were made in transactions 1st Feb 1000 euro by LUNO, Feb 26th 412.66 via CXO.IO 1st March 1000 euro via luno and 824 euro via CXO.IO. March 5th 5000 euro via LUNO, and March 8th 824.66 via CXO.IO He rang to say that the financial regulator had frozen the account because it was deemed to be money laundering. He requested 7000 euro to match his 7000 euro which I transferred on 6/4/2021 in 5 transactions of 1000 euro via LUNO and April 20th and 21st 2 transactions of 824.66 euro via CXI.IO and 412.33 euro on April 22nd via CXO.IO It was meant to be returned within 24 hours but it wasn’t
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