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01 February 2021 Monday. 16:41:57 UTC
I received a call from George Collins said he was from a trading company called Umarkets. Said it would be only $500 to start and It would be able to make money, so I agreed. The next day he called me and said $500 will not going to make many profits and I must transfer more money. So that I agreed to add another $5000. The next day he passed me to his supervisor/senior trader who was Sam Mathews and from that day I was only dealing with him. He showed me how to log in to my account through their platforms and he started to trade for me. In the beginning, it was always huge profits in a short period of time. He had access to my account and he added the trades for me, but when I asked him to teach me something so I would be able to manage my account, that he said no he is too busy for that. Another week later called me and said in order to make bigger profits I must add $5000 so I did. In the next month, I say that my account was going down sometimes, it reached -5000 but for that, he said it's ok no problems with it. I kept losing but he said it is fine he placed good trades and it can be removed or purchase trading insurance which will refund any losses I have agreed so I add another $2500 for the insurance fee. A few days later I lost around $30000 h said I do not have to worry about anything but after he asked for another insurance fee and deposit money so he can fix it. After that, he made my account back to $10000. When I asked to withdraw he said I cannot because I didn’t make enough trades. So that I deposited more money and started to trade more. By that time I realized they scammed me and for weeks I`m not able to reach them.
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