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02 December 2020 Wednesday. 16:38:29 UTC
On 10-10-2020 I received a call and message from my friend regarding Bitcoin Investment. I asked ok tell me he told me there is BTC -6 company UK-based there will give every day 6% lifelong on our investment. the Next day 11-10-2020 I opened one account on BTC -6 website and I got an Email on registration details also( Login and Password). Starting I invested 400 USD worth of BitCoin in BTC -6 company and Next day onwards I am getting 6% on invested BitCoin. I feel it’s ok there giving continually I am doing compounding on a daily basis whatever I earned. After 5 days I invested more bitcoin on another account worth 1360 USD that I am getting continually. I thought there giving good Profits and there given the UK Registered No. 65525514 also on their web site also. On the final day, I invested 6000+ USD worth of Bitcoins in another 2 different accounts from the next onwards there stopped given 6%. Whatever I am withdrawn it's going saved and pending in their website and I am not receiving anything from my Giottus Bitcoin wallet. After that I send so may email to BTC -6 Company but no one not responding.
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