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19 December 2019 Thursday. 20:54:05 UTC
blackmail scam
I know you are a pedophile! And I will ruin your Christmas holidays! XXX I have been watching your online activity for a while. And this is another time I caught you doing dirty things online. I see you doing Christmas shopping, preparing for the Holidays, but let me tell you, I have seen enough and I decided to reach out to you to tell you what I am about to do. While I was browsing through the recording, I was a little shocked! You are a nasty person. I secured 3 video files with you pleasuring yourself while watching young teenagers... You know what I mean. I know about your pedophilic preferences. I secured those video files: I am very determined because I do not like people like you. Imagine my job. Catching people like you every day, pedophiles.. I just want to be paid. 5000 bucks is the price. You can transfer me Bitcoin only. And time is ticking away. Get Bitcoin from one of the brokers like Coinbase or Coinmama.
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