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04 April 2022 Monday. 10:22:33 UTC
I found an article in the site, Then Eva Spanou called me and asked me if I’m interested to invest in Crypto Currency and I accepted and she gave me the link[label]=neoomatic and I invested 250 euro and from 14-09-21 Alex Iraklidis was calling me to inform me about the money balance. They send me confirmation email with the order of 250 euro to Bitcoin and they opened an account in client portal and within a week they doubled my invested money and I invested 500 euro in 20-09-21 and 24-09-21 I invested another 500 euro and the balance was 2500 euro and Alex Iraklidis informed me that if I invest more money, I will have Alex informed me that I have gained 9000 euro from my investment. Additionally, They told me I must pay 14.000 euro for their services and that the next day they are going to send me 54.493,96 +25% euro. Then I deposited the amount of 14.000 euro from 8-10-21 to 14-10-21 and then Iliana Dhimitrou called me and told me that I have to deposit another 5000 euro to continue, because the money has been blocked due to El Salvador political issue and I I don’t pay, they are going to send my money to charity institutions. Then I contacted T&H CONSULTING to solve the case and stopped contacted with them, although they are keep calling and threatening me up to this day.
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