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27 April 2021 Tuesday. 10:45:32 UTC
Ark Management
I saw on Facebook an ad that took me to a website where I left my details. Brooke called me and said it enough to start with £240 and that she will manage my account and that I have to worry about it. She said I would get great results in a short amount of time and that I would not have a big risk as they trade with the 15-20% of my money. After my prot went up to $17K Jake contacted me, he said, he`s going to be my new account manager and he asked me to invest more. After that Kevin contacted me, said he`s going to be my new account manager, said I should invest more than £50K and think about them as a bank. I said no to that amount after they sent me links about taking a loan. At the end of November my money went down rapidly, they called me and said I can save my money by investing more and go for bigger trades so that I invested more. When December I asked if I can withdraw they said no because the trades are still going on. When I asked for a withdraw again at the end of December rstly Jake said I can, but every day he came up with something new excuse why I cannot. Jake and all my account managers communicated with me through WhatsApp, the company never answered my emails. After that, I didn’t communicate with them anymore also I could never proceed to withdraw my money
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