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22 September 2021 Wednesday. 14:45:47 UTC
Charing Cross Group
I received a cold call from a person named Stefan Miller, he said he was from a trading a company called Charing Cross Group. He also sent me the papers and licenses from Charing Cross Limited which later turned out is a different company. He said it would only cost 250 Usd and I could start making money with them. I agreed this was on the date 10.4.2021. So the next day he called me and explained that if I want to make more money I need to invest more.I agreed to a few thousand and we started trading. He would log into my computer via Any desk so he had access to my computer and placed the trades, the first few weeks everything seemed fine my profits seemed to be going up and up. Then I told them that before investing more I want to try the withdrawal procedure and they agreed so it started. They told me I have to pay 10% tax and I agreed and paid, after that, I had to open an account in the third bank in Cyprus. And I waited. On Friday 21.4.2021 I received a phone call from the so-called financial department that I have to make transactions to Zero my account before the bank checks it. First I refused but he said that if I don't do it I will not get my money. So I did what he said. After five minutes he called me that I made a mistake and have to correct it by sending more money. I refused. But now I try to keep them interested and I promised them to pay so that they keep my account open
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