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27 May 2019 Monday. 20:35:41 UTC
blackmail scam
United Kingdom
Attempted automated blackmail am really sorry to send you this email. I made a search about you on internet, I managed to find your full name, your social media accounts, your friends' list etc. I found you on Linkedin and I saved your face photo from there. Since I am one of the most talented digital graphics experts of the world, I easily used your images to perfectly photoshopped photos of you doing some nasty adult things. I may create a website with your full name and expose you there with these edited photos. The address of that site may also be shared to all your friends. Believe me, it may only take a few weeks to make that site come at number 1 position at Google when someone searches your name! Why am I doing this? Unfortunately I was sacked from my job, capitalism.. you know.. My wife is sick. She is fighting with cancer and that's the only way for me to cover the treatment fees. I am a good man, but I need to... So.. etc.etc
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