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04 April 2022 Monday. 09:12:13 UTC
Emirate Global Capital Markets,AX TRADER LTD
Case 1 In November 2020 I was contacted by the representative of Emirates Global Central Market in order to invest in their platform. I was guaranteed weekly profits. In January I was told that the platform will be unavailable within 10-12 days due to system updates. Me and my friends were promised 6 months contracts with the possibility of withdrawal after the expiration date. I was having high profits and returns. In the following month (February), I was once again alerted that during the whole month it will not be possible to withdraw. Me and my friend’s accounts were blocked. I was able to contact other individuals who were using the EGCM platform and was informed that some accounts were still operating. I realized she fell victim to a scam. Case 2 On the 23rd of December 2020, I received a cold call from an individual named Aamir Tapia. Allegedly he was representing AX Trader company. Aamir Tapia was using AnyDesk to place trades on behalf me. Sometime later Aamir Tapia told me that he won’t be in next week but promised that everything will be fine with my account and trades. My account started going into the red, so the client began losing money. I experienced loss after the transfer. After refusing to do more investment my account was blocked. The last contact was on the 5th of June 2021 with the scammer.
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