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19 October 2021 Tuesday. 08:50:37 UTC
JetCapitals, CryptoPayIn
I received a call from Alisha Lane from a trading company JetCapitals. She said it only cost $250 and I can start making money with them. The next day Richard Gottin called me and said he`s my account manager and $250 wasn`t enough and If I want to make a good profit I should invest more. I told him I don`t have money so he told me to get a loan which we can pay back within a week. So, I applied for 35000£, which I received from Zopa bank. I always had to make them pay through my Coinbase account but he always helped me how to make the payments and place trades through AnyDesk. Then I started to make money on the account but suddenly it started to drop, he said to put more money to not lose everything so I put more £500, but he said the account is in a bad state so I put more 4000£. Then he said he won`t be here next week but I should just leave my account nothing bad will happen. Then he said he can assist me to get a loan from his company of 15000£, which I did. l managed to get all my savings and a loan from a friend and sent at first (£9,800), then we transferred the money to the account with the loan. Then suddenly all my trades disappeared and I contacted them, Richard said I made a mistake and he`ll take over the account so I cannot make these mistakes anymore but I have to invest more. He asked for 25000£, and he can help me with the loan again, to which I said no. I am still in communication with them. I have lost more than 25000£.
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