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31 March 2021 Wednesday. 12:35:38 UTC
AnalystQ.Trading Inc.
On the 7th July time: 09.30hrs I received telephone cold calls from trading company. The caller name Anna – The senior Account Manager speak to me explaining the company trading on behalf of clients with less knowledge of how to trade, there is a risk trading with shares may be up and down weekly. She then advised putting the least share starting with £250. Nearly every day she called me to put money to buy more units. I did ask some questions such as I don’t have many funds, she said to me used a credit card facility or borrow from friends. I did go along using credit cards from Jaja co.UK and Halifax First deposit of £2000.00 from Jaya credit card and 4324.00 Wire transfer The total amount of £6324 including charges. On the 5th of July, I did contact Anna to withdrawal the prot made, she passed it to Person Rio Senior Financial account I did ask him where is Anna I like to speak to her. He said from now on you deal with me. None no mention of tax but service charges. After paid the £3000 services charge, he told me to transfer it to my bank account. The last conversation had made Friday 13th Nov another person Isabella Senior Financial Department insisted me to pay the tax to their company that the last conversation I had with them
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