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02 January 2020 Thursday. 11:17:21 UTC
United Kingdom
Edited down. We compromised your system. We delivered you this message from your own email account. We know that among the list of passwords you used to use is "...“ Don't panic, we will clarify how it all happened. Some time ago you checked out a web site, we downloaded all your info to our server. Possibly we make use of it to destroy your life by forwarding all the info we posses to all your contacts. Or maybe we delete it all. When you opened up this mail our system initiated a timer, starting now you posses 6 hours to complete the following: Listed below you will find our bitcoin address (copy/paste it, it's case sensitive). Transfer $600 (USD) to it. Browse Google on how to purchase bitcoins. You need to do this in the given time. Our system is tracking this address. We will remove all info and the backdoor will terminate. Case closed. If it fails to come in, your life will change in a very damaging way. Our bitcoin address: 3Ad6pXoM5NxtgJd58EjDghiNYAXQbuUUFu Good-luck!
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