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04 February 2021 Thursday. 04:08:50 UTC
darknet market
This bitcoin address was listed as a payment method on a website that features images and videos of children being raped. This website also features Livestream sessions called the "red room" where customers can pay to see children being raped, tortured, and humiliated in real-time. Auctions are held, bids are placed, and the children may even be executed. Iv included a quote from the web site's main page below: "The Red Room is broadcast daily, at the end of each transmission a small auction will be published to decide the teacher of the next section, the teacher can do what he wants with the girl or boy, provided that this does not cause death. Once the girl has expired the master of that secion will have the right to decide the way of execution of the girl, this will happen only if we already have another girl to replace her. We work with several boys and girls so we will always have availability” _____________________________________________________ Message for admin and LEO's: The contact email I used for this report is the same one I use for other reports as well but it was put on Doxbin a while back when I was trying to track down threats to public safety elsewhere online. Iv been meaning to make a new email for reporting but haven't gotten around to it.
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