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11 January 2021 Monday. 08:41:26 UTC
FGWHM (Scott Markets Pty Ltd)
On octobre i had contact with a Chinese woman on tinder from Macau.The same day we decided to communicate via whatsapp,We communicate about live, investments and things like that. I said her that i invest in stocks and she told me a story from foreign exchange.She showed me screenshots of her investments and her profits.She told me a story that her uncle is working already for 35 years in foreign exchanging.Step by step i was into that story because she was very convinced and seems trustful. She explained that she traded with the MT4 platform.I look up a few tings on internet and saw that the MT4 application seemed the truth.I also found nothing about fraud with MT4 .It was an application you could download from internet.I decided to do it and downloaded,for free,the application.You could learn to trade with a demo.She learned it to me via screenshots.Technically it was not difficult.I did a trade with her in demo when she did "a real" trade with her money with the info she had from her uncle.She explained me and let me know when to start and stop.She won that trade about 350000 dollar.She showed me the screenshot of her account and trade.So i became convinced and decided to do it.She said thath i had to contact miss Lee to open a real account.GSM: +85252265175 I gave her a phone call,The rest of the communication was by whatsapp sms.So i opened an acoount on the site Fgwhm.She gave all the information,links,bank account where deposit money.She also said that when i want to deposit money or withdraw money that it will have to contacted her.She was my account manager.So i deposit In total 29000 euro.once a week a traded "real" with Liu and the profits where very huge.I had daily contact with Liu and often she pushed me to put more money on the account because that would be more safe to trade.
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