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06 October 2020 Tuesday. 01:55:24 UTC
Chaz Schmidt, telegram account is @ChazSchmdt
United States
Someone messaged me, claiming to be admin. They had the same user name and same photo, so I assumed it was the admin. They asked if they can help me at all and how the company is performing, and we began talking. I explained that I had some issues and they were trying to help me fix them, at least they pretended to help me. I explained that I wanted to purchase some crypto from the website, but cannot find it on an exchange. They told me to send bitcoin and the company will exchange it for their coin. I sent two transactions, one for .007 (plus .0005 fee) and another for .01121 (plus .0004 fee) around 8 pm EST on 10/5/20. It is viewable on the blockchain, both transactions. After I said something in the group chat about being scammed for $200, someone named Chaz Schimdt told me to message them and said they would help me get my refund. They claimed to be part of the company, but I confirmed with an employee from the company that they do not work for the company. This is how I was able to confirm who the scammer is as he tried to scam me again with a different account. They deleted the first two chats, but I was able to string them along as they tried to scam me again and I took screenshots of the entire conversation.
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